I knew this to be true first hand as Franklin Fried was executive director of the Rosemont Horizon when it opened in 1980 and was intimately involved with my friend in the box office. Fried was principal behind Triangle Productions in the 1960s and promoted the Beatles at the Amphitheatre and Comiskey Park so he maintained the contacts with the people responsible for routing the tour in 1981. I vividly remember hearing the scuttlebut in early December 1980 and the excitement at the success of Double Fantasy that spawned it. This post comes from Quora….

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Was John Lennon planning a tour for his comeback when he was killed?

On his 40th birthday, his management announced there would be a world tour the following spring and summer (and maybe beyond). His sister Julia Baird has confirmed in recent years he planned to take Sean to Edinburgh where he had relatives. The January of 81 was put aside for Ringo’s album Can’t Fight Lightning, in LA — not England, then onward to complete Milk and Honey so they could tour 2 albums. He openly discussed certain early Beatles tunes which would be reworked for the tour, such as She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand. They were also planning to use video screens at the side of the stage- another first for that era.