Value of Nostalgia manifested thru memorabilia and experiences

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Reference several Bruce Springsteen related blog posts at as added reference to event mentality

As a purveyor of rock and roll memorabilia for decades, I was always enamored by the items that triggered certain people to buy one thing over another and what they collected and why.

A major component to the process by which people decided to collect things was nostalgia which is defined as cultural experiences that intersect in one’s life at certain key times and foster remembrances of watershed moments in memory. As we hurtle thru the 21st century and experience the “rough ride” spawned by economic and MAJOR political upheaval and further angst then fueled by a once in a hundred year pandemic, topped off with a serious threat of WW3 coupled with runaway inflation, people long for the good old days and memorabilia displayed in their “space” reminds of those better times and memories.

The feel good of dated yet familiar music we hear sets the tone for that nostalgia and our reactions.

At the bottom of this post is an article referencing the seemingly outrageous prices being offered for tickets to the upcoming Bruce Springsteen 2023 US Tour , his first in 7 years. As a baby boomer I grew up with Bruce and went to MANY shows. Bruce is a rare act who has consistently played marathon concerts thru the years and is a robust and vibrant performer that has a rabid fan base of support. So it is no surprise that worldwide demand for this upcoming tour is over the top.

As I saw what people were paying for all major concerts in ticket prices, most notably Adele in Las Vegas at 28K a pop I realized that what I was offering in my Led Zeppelin NFTs featured on was situated perfectly in the ticket/memorabilia /NFT world. My tickets are from 1980, before some of you were born and a time many of us vividly remember as the best times of our lives. I never dreamed that the negatives we all are feeling across the board TODAY would be fueling this surge in memorabilia prices and EXPERIENCE events and what some will pay to relive those better times or create new memories.

Led Zeppelin may not be touring TODAY but their position in rock and roll history seems to be growing in stature by the day and their investment grade original memorabilia has risen in value in tandem with it, something we are proud to offer. Never thought Bruce Springsteen would be the conduit to highlight that reality in our world today but here it is FRONT AND CENTER. More to follow…..